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Carving Out a Brighter Future!

Sameson Tilahun smiles standing next to a baby crib he built ins

Addis Ababa to visit his father. His father was a retired soldier who had left them and moved away after he was discharged from the military. Though Sameson’s mother told him she had brought him for a visit, she hoped to convince his father to keep him because she could no longer afford to support […]

Consuming Easter!

Colourful foil Easter Egg pile

In the beginning of His most famous sermon, Jesus cast the vision for what His kingdom would be like.  I can imagine the disciples being on the edge of whatever rock they were sitting on.  Waiting for a promised Messiah to come conquer Jerusalem back from the Roman Empire, they were ready to hear about […]

What Your Calendar Says About You!

student calendar

If time is money (and it is) then your calendar is your investment portfolio. It tells you how you are spending your time and what kind of return you can expect on your time spent. Your calendar says a lot about you, it says what is important to you, it says how busy you are, […]