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3 Summertime Servant Activities!


What a long, dreary, bitter, cold, unwanted, insert-another-negative-adjective, winter we went through this year.  I live in a suburb 40 minutes north of Cincinnati called West Chester, Ohio.   It snowed in April.  SNOW.  IN APRIL. I blame Disney for making Frozen such a huge hit.  Obviously it did something to the climate. But praise the […]

A Cup of Coffee and Marbles!


Twelve-year-old Cosmer walks barefoot in the rain, tired, wet and sweaty after a long day of picking coffee beans and carrying heavy baskets. He walks on slippery, muddy trails up the hill to go home. Cosmer lives with his family in a wooden house with a dirt floor and no electricity in Santo Domingo, a […]

Three Hopes for my Sponsor Child

3 hopes for sponsor

Mum, Mommy, Mama, Madre, Materie….most girl’s dream someday of becoming a mother.  Some get the privilege, others just long for it.  But one thought remains in the heart of a mother. She will always have dreams for and do anything to protect those that are hers. While living in another country, my daughter rushed into […]