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Education for 115 Ugandan Children


The Story: Throughout the world, the cost of formal education is hard for many families to provide for their children. In Uganda, the average tuition for a secondary school education is between 100-200 dollars per term depending on the class and school. Caregivers of the children rely on subsistence farming and casual work for their livelihood […]

500 Malaria Nets


The Story: Between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m., kids should be safe in their beds, having sweet dreams. But for those living in poverty, that is the time of night when their worst nightmare — a bite from a malaria-carrying mosquito — is more likely. Malaria has been eliminated in many countries. But in 35 countries, […]

Medical Emergency Funds


The Story: Four-year old Carl Dave S. Toloy, a Compassion-assisted boy living in the Philippians, was the only child in the project with a dire need for surgical intervention. The diagnosis of his ailment is Congenital Heart Disease, Tetralogy of Fallot and Polyrythuria. The family needed a financial assistance of $9,667 in order to go get […]