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What Your Calendar Says About You!

student calendar

If time is money (and it is) then your calendar is your investment portfolio. It tells you how you are spending your time and what kind of return you can expect on your time spent. Your calendar says a lot about you, it says what is important to you, it says how busy you are, […]

Worshipping God through the Job You Hate


3:58 pm.  Two minutes until my shift at the call-center began.  The next six hours of my life would consist of taking orders and credit card numbers, being yelled at by angry customers, and resolving their complaints regarding the merchandise they purchased.  With my head buried in my hands, all I could think about was […]

Help Children Survive Today!

CSP - 2014 2

The challenge. Since infant mortality is extremely high in some parts of the world, the first priority in promoting effective child development is to ensure that children survive the early years when they are most vulnerable to disease and malnutrition. That means educating the mother or primary caregiver, before and after her child is born, […]