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Christ Has Changed the World

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Two little boys, children, a toddler, baby, and a little boy, child, wearing a red shirt and a white plaid shirt, sit on their old worn used mattress, blanket, bed inside their impoverished home made of wood and sticks, planks, looking out and staring with sad serious expressions on their faces.

“You need to stop waiting for the world to change, and start to be the change in the world.” I remember these words as if it were only yesterday. It was my older sister’s college graduation; I was fifteen and full of ambition. John Mayer’s song “Waiting on the World to Change” was still in […]



I hate losing, I absolutely loath it. Whether it is a game of cards, sports, staring contests, I want to win. When losing has eternal impact (like life or death) I really, really hate losing. If I lose because my opponent was bigger or faster, smarter or has an obvious advantage, I still hate it, […]

Continued Education for Philippians Compassion Students


The Story: Can you imagine never having the opportunity to study college-level courses? We take it for granted, but college education is vital to career building and allows us to be equipped for pursuing the dreams we’ve had since a child. Throughout the world, the cost of attending college-level education is not an option for […]