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I hate losing, I absolutely loath it. Whether it is a game of cards, sports, staring contests, I want to win. When losing has eternal impact (like life or death) I really, really hate losing. If I lose because my opponent was bigger or faster, smarter or has an obvious advantage, I still hate it, […]

Continued Education for Philippians Compassion Students


The Story: Can you imagine never having the opportunity to study college-level courses? We take it for granted, but college education is vital to career building and allows us to be equipped for pursuing the dreams we’ve had since a child. Throughout the world, the cost of attending college-level education is not an option for […]

Open Heart Surgery for a 3-Year Old Ugandan Girl


The Story: It is very difficult for a child in poverty to grow up healthy from the harsh environments surrounding them. In the communities where Compassion ministers, there is often a lack of adequate medical assistance. But even when care is available, poor caregivers cannot afford even the most basic treatments for their children, much […]