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Love for Ministering


Tuesday morning while I was on my morning commute, I was listening to our local Christian radio station and heard about the life of a courageous woman of God. If you are like me and do not watch the news, I will fill you in on who this woman was. Kayla Mueller was a twenty-six […]

Love Displayed: Jesus’ Love Compels Us

Faith Through Fire

When 9 year-old Marlon opened his eyes, I can imagine his bewilderment. What am I doing in this hospital?, he must have questioned. A New Year’s celebration had taken a tragic turn when the flames from Año Viejo, an Ecuadorian tradition, engulfed Marlon’s face, chest, and arms. He would spend the next 8 months in […]

Child Sponsorship is Where it Begins


Compassion International has a goal in 2015 – and that goal includes you! That goal is to release 5,000 children from poverty. Extreme poverty is not something that you cripple you with fear, but empower you to be a prayer warrior for those children and families who have no other choice. We can together help […]